Apex Legends Wraith Player Evades Detection with 'Into the Void'

This Apex Legends Wraith trick may be more ingenious than useful.
This Apex Legends Wraith trick may be more ingenious than useful. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Hiding from Bloodhound is no easy task. As their name suggests, the Legend's entire kit is devoted to sniffing out enemies and hunting them down. But one inventive Wraith player has found a way to evade the master tracker.

In this clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Thursday by u/RancidLoaf27, shows how to use Wraith's kit to avoid an untimely death at the hands of a prowling Bloodhound.

RancidLoaf27 begins the clip hiding in a building, all their teammates dead. A Bloodhound pulse moves through the building, revealing them to the Bloodhound and their teammates. As RancidLoaf27 hears the enemies approaching, they activate Wraith's Into the Void ability, turning invisible temporarily.

A Gibraltar on the Bloodhound's team storms in and immediately looks where RancidLoaf27 was standing in the pulse. Seeing nothing there, he runs back outside. RancidLoaf27 reappears after the ability, but the enemies have already assumed they're long gone.

The Bloodhound runs through the building, but they don't even bother to check RancidLoaf27's location. They've successfully evaded an enemy team intent on their murder with a little Void-based ingenuity.