Apex Legends Wraith Skin Leaked Ahead of Black Friday Sale

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With the Apex Legends, the holidays aren't just a time to think about Holo-Day Bash. It's also a time to think about getting the best deal you can on some rare items. The Black Friday event this year should have some interesting items up for grabs, and it looks like one of them is a rare skin that we've seen before.

The Wraith Airship Assassin is an alternative version of the Void Specialist Wraith, a common cosmetic in Apex. This skin was one of the first exclusive Legendary skins and hasn’t been seen since June 2019 when it was originally released into the shop. This along with four other bundle packs are going to be available in the shop come Black Friday according to data miner RYMSKIY1.

While RYMSKIY1 was the first data miner to discover the skin as shown in the video above. You can also see the other titles that are going to be available for release. These bundles are Jester Bunder, the Legendary Hunt Bundle, and a Legendary Pack Bundle, and 25 Pack Bundle.

The community has long been awaiting the comeback of this skin since it was taken out of the shop. We'll see what kind of deal we're going to get come Black Friday.