Apex Legends Wraith's new skin, Protector of the Void, was revealed by developer Respawn Entertainment on Thursday.

Protector of the Void will be a legendary Apex Legends skin available during the Iron Crown Collection Event, set to begin Aug. 13.

In the skin, Wraith's hair is dyed blonde and pulled into a braid that runs down her past her shoulder blades. Her usual black padded armor is replaced by maroon metal armor with burgundy cloth accents and gold highlights. She also sports face paint in a criss-cross pattern.

The requirements for unlocking the skin remain unknown.

The Protector of the Void skin was one of four skins to be discovered by data miners in the wake of the Iron Crown Collection Event announcement. It was the only skin of the four not to have its appearance shared in the data mine. The other three, along with banners for all four skins, can be viewed here.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment