Apex Legends Writer Assures Lifeline Fans More Lore is on the Way

Mela Lee, voice of Lifeline, says upcoming "juicy" Lifeline lore made her cry.
Mela Lee, voice of Lifeline, says upcoming "juicy" Lifeline lore made her cry. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello continues to hype upcoming story content on Twitter. Just over a week ago, Casiello teased that Bangalore would be featured prominently in Season 6. Casiello is back at it, as a recent Twitter exchange with Lifeline voice actor, Mela Lee, assures fans that Lifeline story content is on the way.

Lifeline, like Bangalore, has yet to receive a ton of love in the lore department. Lifeline even has less cinematic videos than newer heroes like Loba and Crypto. This should change in Season 6, as Lee and Casiello took to Twitter Saturday to tell Lifeline fans that "juicy" lore is on the way.

On Saturday, Mela Lee was engaging with a fan on Twitter - discussing the origins of Lifeline's accent. Lee stated that the accent was "heavily inspired" by her own family background, along with Trinidad, West African, and Indian culture. She tweeted separately that some "very juicy" Lifeline lore is on the way. "I literally cried when I got a sneak peek", she said.

Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello responded to Lee's second tweet. "I'm not talking out of my ass", he says - regarding recent teasing of more Lifeline lore content. "And I didn't mean to make Mela cry," he states, "they were good tears!"

It hasn't been confirmed what form this new lore will come in. Perhaps Lifeline will be a major part of the Season 6 storyline. If not, she might at least get a Town Takeover event, seeing as she already has an heirloom.