Apex Legends

Apex Legends Xbox Players Still Experiencing Input Lag Despite Patch

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

During the recent Awakening Event, Apex Legends added several new features that were successful. But amongst the success came an issue for Xbox players.

Players on Xbox started to experience some input lag, which made the game virtually unplayable as all actions had a slight delay. A frustrating issue that players quickly voiced to Respawn.

On July 5, Apex released a new update and in the patch notes, said that the issue should be resolved. That should be the end of the story, right?

But after the patch was released, the complaints from Xbox players continued and said that the input lag had not been resolved and was still an issue. Players have mentioned that they have experienced all types of lag. From the choppy gameplay, to rubber banding and the continuation of the input delay.

Just another issue in a community that is already dealing with enough. From broken abilities to hit registration bugs, Apex Legends players are hopeful for the game to come back to a status quo.

With attention shifted to the ALGS, a real fix may not be seen until the end of the series on July 10. For now, players will either have to avoid Apex Legends as a whole or deal with the dreaded input lag.