Apex Legends YouTuber Found Speed Glitch That Works for Every Legend

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends YouTuber found a speed glitch that works on every Legend in every game mode.

While Apex Legends does have competitive gunplay, movement might be the most important factor. High-level players are incredibly mobile, and use armor swaps to their advantage. Something like this would be pretty broken to get across the map easily.

However, if you use the speed hack, it's not optimal to run into enemy players. So it should only be used to move across the map. And as RossBobSquirrel mentions, you may need to be cautious about using this glitch in a ranked match. Respawn Entertainment has been cracking down on glitch users, which is ironic since players are still rampantly cheating.

So the exploit is straightforward enough; you need two weapons and two attachments they share, so sights usually work the best. Also, you'll need a ledge to hold onto. Grab the ledge, and take the attachment off of your main weapon and into your backpack. Immediately put it back on the same weapon, then swap your second weapon with the first. Now, when you leave the ledge, you have no weapon equipped even the game thinks you do.

To lunge forward you need to push the punch button followed by the ultimate button. The only other thing is to continually make the lunge, you have to use a controller. Otherwise, the lunge can't be spammed making this pointless.