Apex Player Exposes Super Fast Mastiff Cheater in Singaporean Server

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player shared what it's like playing on Singaporean servers and encountering hackers.

u/AwkwardShake posted on Reddit a video of a Bangalore pinging any loot that was on the map, and was able to use the Mastiff with an abnormally faster fire rate.

The Redditor decided to 'throw his game' or suiciding in-game, in order to spectate and catch the Bangalore on his team cheating.

In addition to the Bangalore, the 3rd teammate on the team was speculated to be a part of the cheats by reporting what the ping rate on the server was and spam finishing Bangalore's kills.

Most shockingly, in the middle of the video, the Bangalore was able to quickly kill a group of enemies then shoot and knock another enemy with the weapon. The Redditor commented as well, "Yep, the mastiff thing he does is pretty scary."

Apex Legends has experienced an increase in cheaters and hackers in-game, most recently players who exploited the Rampage and Sentinel weapons with its 'infinite-recharge' bug.

Respawn Entertainment acknowledged players and their habits of using other servers around the world to play, and cheaters who do the same.

This type of cheating is popular amongst many other games as well. For example, Call of Duty: Warzone which Activision has recently implemented an anti-cheat system.