Apex Player Revives Into Clutch Win

The Triple Take serves this Apex Legends player well
The Triple Take serves this Apex Legends player well / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawning into Apex Legends especially into clutch situations often result in an instant loss due to the lack of equipment and the lack of space to hide or run. However, for this Apex player, the odds did not seem to matter as they deleted whole squads to clutch a win.

Watch Redditor u/gamingforumapez snag a clutch win without needing to reload.

Respawning into one of the last circles in Apex Legends is less than optimal and finding a decent loadout after landing adds to the odds already stacked against you. However, gamingforumapez took advantage of the poor situation and managed to turn it around into a win for his team.

Coming into the last circle, all of gamingforumapez's team is down and there are still two squads remaining. After landing on top of a building and sliding down the side, they find their own death box. In the box are several attachments, ammo, and a Triple Take. After loading up, gamingforumapez must have realized that the margin for error was extremely small, so they decide to not miss a single shot and delete the two remaining squads. Although they lost almost all of their health in doing so, the clutch revive resulted in a win.