Apex Players Call for Fix to "Inconsistent" Mad Maggie

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players aren't too happy with the state of Mad Maggie, calling for a fix to improve her value.

Mad Maggie might be one of Apex's newest Legends, but her popularity has taken a bit of a dip since her release. Currently only being picked roughly 2% of the time, fans have all agreed that the Offensive Legend needs a bit of a rework.

One fix that seems to be in higher demand than others is one for her tactical ability - Riot Drill.

Apex Players Call on Fix for "Inconsistent" Mad Maggie

User Rest_EZ took to Reddit to post a clip of Mad Maggie's tactical ability showing that it doesn't always deal the right amount of damage. The ability is supposed to deal 160 damage to targets in range over the ability's duration.

In the clip, while the damage output is 160 on first use, the damage seems to drop off on following uses. On second use the ability caps at 144, and on the third use it caps at just 128. This test is carried out on a training dummy, and the user doesn't appear to move from their spot.

Other users were quick to respond to the clip, offering their own experiences and explanations. One user said, "I've always seen her drill as a way to get someone out of hiding or influence their movement options rather than to do significant damage, but still the damage should ideally be consistent."

Another pondered whether this is in fact a bug, saying, "I wonder if that's a known issue. She basically exists to cause chaos, so her wrecking ball behavior seems deliberate, but the drill damage being inconsistent might be a bug."

Whether a bug or intentional, the inconsistency is problematic - putting Maggie players at an odd disadvantage to more polished Legends.