Apex Players Call for Gibraltar Nerfs, Following Global Series Pick Rate

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Gibraltar has been sitting at a 100% pick rate following the NA Apex Legends Global Series, and players want Respawn to issue a nerf.

One of Apex's Defensive Legends, Gibraltar, has been there from the start. Available for free and as part of the base game, he's seen some fluctuating popularity over the years though for the most part hsa always been a solid choice. As a good all-rounder geared more towards defense, many players have enjoyed a lot of success with Gibraltar.

Recently, though, the Legend has seen a surge in popularity - specifically in the NA ALGS, where he found himself with a 100% pick rate. Given that this is a pick rate at pro level, it's safe to assume that the same could creep its way into more casual matches.

Apex Players Call for Gibraltar Nerfs, Following Global Series Pick Rate

One user took to Reddit to call out the pick rate, asking for Gibraltar to receive a nerf. "Gibraltar literally has a 100% pick rate at the highest level of play," the post read. "Can he just PLEASE get a nerf already?"

While the thread was rife with discussion over the pick rates, some players argued that Gibraltar would be better off with a rework rather than a nerf. One user said, "More like a rework, literally the most boring character to play and nerfing him will just make him unplayable."

Another took issue with the Legend's abilities, saying, "Honestly, the dome shield just absolutely triggers me to no end. It last 12 seconds which is an eternity in Apex and it's literally indestructible. Then when you look at the rest of gibby's kit he has an arm shield. 15% damage reduction. And can't be slowed when shot."

Whether or not Respawn have any nerf or rework plans for Gibraltar has yet to be revealed. It's worth remembering that the 100% pick rate occurred at pro level, with statistics looking a bit different in general games. Until the issue becomes a bigger one at the consumer level, it's unlikely we'll be seeing many changes.