Apex Players Call For Nerf of Valkyrie's Ultimate

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Valkyrie's Ultimate ability has made her a strong pick this season, though many players claim she's in dire need of a nerf.

This Recon Legend has always been a popular pick in Apex Legends, ever since her introduction in Season 9. Her abilities and penchant for flight have cemented her as a true aerial threat, but her Ultimate ability Skyward Dive gives her a unique advantage.

Skyward Dive allows Valkyrie, and her teammates, to ascend into the sky. It's the perfect ability to help traverse large portions of the map in a pinch. It also serves another purpose, allowing users to scan and highlight enemies on the ground.

Apex Players Call For Nerf of Valkyrie's Ultimate

While there are a number of scanning abilities available in the game, Skyward Dive seems to be the only one that doesn't notify enemy players that they're being scanned. Naturally, this advantage is what some players have taken issue with, calling on Respawn to make a change.

One Reddit user, 3KeyReasons, took to the forum to ask why the game has so many scanning notifications but not one for Valkyrie.

Aside from being fairly annoying, one commentor made the point that a lack of notifications is actually detrimental to those who use accessibility features. For those who are rely on visual cues, notifications are a decent way to keep the playing field level.

At the time of writing, the post has received just short of 10,000 upvotes. Whether its enough for Respawn to take notice remains to be seen.