Apex Legends

Apex Players Call for Permanent Gun Run Mode

Courtesy of Respawn

The new limited-time mode Gun Run has proven to be a hit with Apex Legends fans, with some players calling for it to be made a permanent addition.

Apex Legends' Beast of Prey Collection Event launched yesterday, on Sept. 21, 2022. This latest event adds in 24 themed limited-time cosmetics for players to ge ttheir hands on. Some skins bear a striking resemblance to the iconic Predator design from the famous sci-fi franchise. Beast of Prey features new Legendary skins for Horizon, Lifeline, Loba, Fuse, Pathfinder, Octane, and Rampart.

While the skins have been a massive draw, the new limited-time Gun Run mode has been capturing player attentions even more. We've seen these types of modes before; each time a player gets a kill with a certain weapon, they're automatically given a new weapon to wield. In Gun Run, players are given the next highest weapon on the track. The team needs to work together in order to move through the track quickly and unlock the most devestating weapon. Of course, the infinite ammo and automatic respawns help a bit, too.

Players have taken a liking to the new mode in Apex, particularly when it comes to the final weapon on the track — the throwing knife.

User Total-Chemicals took to Reddit, saying "Gun Run needs to be permanent!" At the time of writing, the post as achieved over 1.5k upvotes. Other players were quick to join the discussion, saying "Tbh feel like it needs a couple tweaks then I’m all for it."

Some see the mode as a way to try out new tactics: "I'm really enjoying it as a way to test out heroes and guns I rarely use. It's definitely a fun way to get battle pass challenges done as well ."

Sadly, the mode hasn't been running smoothly for everyone. User BLNR30 expressed their issues with the mode on PS5, saying, "My game crashed four times, but in four individual rounds. 4 of 12 rounds...33% fail rate."

Gun Run is currently available to play in Apex Legends up until Oct. 4. So far, it seems Respawn have no intentions of turning it into a permanent game mode but we may see it return sometime in the future.