Apex Legends

Apex Players Call for Vantage Nerf Over Huge Bullet Size

Respawn Entertainment

Vantage has only been in the Apex Games for a short while, but fans are already begging Respawn for a nerf.

Apex Legends Season 14 introduced the world to Vantage, a sniper-toting Recon Legend who can deal some serious damage from a hefty distance. But her Ultimate has been causing quite a stir after images leaked out that show just how large her bullets are.

In a tweet, @SomeoneWhoLeaks posted an image that shows Vantage’s sniper bullets increasing in size over a distance. "This is roughly Vantage’s ult bullet size (10.0) V.S any other sniper bullet (2.0) in the game, the tweet read.

"Bullet size is based on meters traveled (0 min-300 max). We’ve known that the max distance bullet was 5x bigger than other snipers, but seeing it is wild.”

The leaker clarified that the image is "not 100% accurate" but is "close enough" and that "reducing the bullet size to be in line with all other snipers is necessary."

Other players were less bothered by the information, stating that since it's part of Vantage's Ultimate it should be more powerful than normal. User @trippyminded_ replied to the image, saying, "If it’s the same size of the other snipers then what’s the point of it being an ult?”

Vantage has only been around for a few months, but players previously called for her to be nerfed before. With Season 14's end date just on the horizon, it remains to be seen whether Respawn will heed the call.