Apex Legends

Apex Players Unhappy With Season 13 Weapon Pool

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn to change up Season 13's weapon pool, asking for some fan-favorites to make a return as ground loot.

Some might argue that Apex is won on skill alone, but a decent weapon sure goes a long way. While everyone has their favorite, some weapons are more fun to use than others. That's been the topic of discussion among fans lately as Season 13 gets into its swing.

Reddit user KananStarks took to the site to pose a statement to the community, saying that the game would be "more fun" if weapons like the Volt and G7 made its way back as ground loot.

"Why were these guns taken away? Everybody loved them. Now nobody really uses energy guns and the R-301 is in crafter so the only actual light gun on the floor is the R99," the post said.

"Why do all the most fun and favorited guns get taken away except the wingman?"

The post, which at the time of writing has received over 2.1k upvotes, was quick to garner the support of fellow commenters. One user said, "the Volt needs to come back to balance out the Energy pool. Right now running a havok/devo is risky as you likely won’t find any ammo off bodies."

Others simply chimed in saying how much they missed the Volt.

It's a tricky balance. On one hand, Respawn want to keep its player base happy with weapons they know and love. On the other, the game runs the risk of becoming stale if players just gravitate towards the same arsenal each time.

Overall, it seems the response to Season 13 so far has been mixed. But it's still early days. Respawn will no doubt be taking player feedback into consideration.