Apex Legends

Apex Players Want Pathfinder to Return to "Former Glory" Due to State of Valkyrie

Image courtesy of Respawn

Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn to reverse Pathfinder's nerfs after Valkyrie's current state has been deemed too problematic.

Pathfinder used to be one of the go-to Legends in Apex Legends. His Grapple ability gave him some impressive maneuverability, low cooldown, and repositioning that Respawn soon saw as being too much. Cue a significant nerf, which saw Pathfinder take a noticeable dip in pick-rates.

But some players have noted a slight hypocrisy, thanks to Valkyrie's current state. Everyone's favorite winded-Legend has become an extremely popular pick, largely due to her being able to "reposition basically an unlimited amount of times," according to Reddit user u/LedClaptrix.

Posting the grievences to the Apex Legends subreddit, the player said, "Pathfinder should be returned to his former glory if Valkyrie remains in the game unchanged."

"Pathfinder was nerfed because he was “able to reposition too many times during one fight.” How does this make any sense with Valkyrie being the in game in her current state?"

The user continued, "She can reposition basically an unlimited amount of times during one fight, albeit vertically, as a PASSIVE. Does this not go against the movement integrity they were trying to instill when nerfing Pathfinder? Not to mention she has a very strong tactical, and meta-defining ultimate."

Commentors where quick to chime in, some quick to agree while others reminding the poster that Pathfinder himself has been overpowered in the past. "What pathfinder needs is a simple buff to his ultimate, just a simple buff to speed or range is going to be good for him."

Respawn have yet to make an official announcement on whether or not Valkyrie will see some nerfs, but one user claimed that a dev revealed some plans: "Jaybiebs said they have changes planned but want to wait till after Champs because the pros are practicing with valk/gibby."

Until a nerf comes her way, players will have to stick with a slighty OP Valkyrie for the time being.