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Apex Streamer Aceu Calls Out 'Busted' Weapon on Broken Moon

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends streamer aceu has revealed what he thinks is the most "busted" weapon on Broken Moon, dealing insane amounts of damage to opponents.

Apex Legends Season 15 saw a number of new additions that altered the state of the game. From new Legend Catalyst to the brand new map Broken Moon, players have plenty to contend with when hopping into the latest matches.

Choosing the right weapon for each map is an important decision, and when it comes to Broken Moon, that decision becomes even more crucial. But aceu has picked out the weapon that will really help rack up the kills.

During a recent stream, acue named the G7 Scout as his weapon of choice. "Why use a Wingman when you can use a Scout, " the streamer said. "The Scout on [Broken Moon] is f— busted, bro."

Aceu gave praise to the weapon whilst dealing 54 damage in headshots with the Scout's fast fire rate. Adding the Double-Tap Trigger hop-up to the Scout, which saw a recent buff this season, and the gun becomes even more dangerous with a reduction in recoil.

With enough accuracy, it's easy to land all your shots and deal some rapid damage with the G7 Scout.