Apex Streamer Dominates Using Only Voice Commands

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Give people enough time with a game and they'll find a way to take it to its limit. Rudeism is a Twitch streamer known for using unconventional controllers to beat games, and this time he's taken his talents to Apex Legends.

His setup involves a motion-controlled glove and toy gun that aims where he points it. Shooting is based on voice activation, so he has to yell or make some other sound in order to fire. The result is a hilarious rampage where Rudeism makes various gun sound effects as he takes down every enemy in his path. Even with his control scheme, he shows off getting multiple kills and has a great time doing it.

Rudeism is no stranger to absurd gaming challenges. In 2021, he successfully completed Dark Souls 3 using only Morse Code. The New Zealand-based streamer has also played Call of Duty with a talking cat piano and Valorant with a Guitar Hero controller. He is currently featured on Good Game Asia, where he shows off many of his wacky ideas and gameplay skills.

With Apex Legends releasing back in 2019, it's not surprising to see players continue to find new ways to improve and enjoy the popular first-person battle royale game. All Rudeism needs to do now is get a victory with his enhanced controls.