Apex Legends

Apex YouTuber Shows Off 'Secret' Feature for L-Star

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Throughout the majority of Apex Legends' life span, energy weapons have often been overlooked. Most view them as worse than the other weapon groups. And the L-Star has gotten the most neglect out of all the energy weapons.

The L-Star is a fully automatic energy machine rifle that has surprisingly good range. At a close distance, the rate of fire is sure to melt any nearby enemy.

Recently, Apex YouTuber Also Gaming Merchant revealed a "secret" about the L-Star that may just make it one of the game's best long-range weapons.

Along with this secret, the L-Star also saw a Season 14 buff. The buff increased the weapon's projectile speed. Meaning the energy balls shoot out much faster and further than they did before.

Now for the secret. The L-Stars bullets actually grow the more they travel. Enemies at a longer distance become much easier to hit as the bullet actually gets bigger.

Combining the bullet speed buff, the bullets getting bigger, and the fact that the L-Star has almost no bullet drop-off makes this weapon great at long distances.

Most people typically assume that with its high fire rate the L-Star would be better at close range, but not anymore. Don't be surprised if you start seeing the L-Star used much more often.