Aphelios Gameplay: Check Out the New League of Legends Marksman

Aphelios gameplay from League of Legends' newest marksman landed on the PBE with Patch 9.24. Riot Games described him as, "the most mechanically complex champion yet," so much so that they decided to include a primer post on his abilities before he even hit Summoner's Rift.

Read on below for the gist of how this complicated gunslinger operates in-game.

League of Legends Aphelios: Passive and Weapons

Loading up your first game as Aphelios will immediately feel like you're playing a different game. His UI is drastically different than any other champion's, owing to his unique mechanics. His kit lacks an E ability, and his W serves only one purpose, swapping between his main-hand and off-hand weapons.

Speaking of guns, this guy's got a lot of them. At any given time he carries one in his main hand, which he uses for auto-attacks and his Q, and another in his off-hand which procs during certain abilities.

The five guns, which include the rifle Calibrum, the Scythe Pistol Severum, Gravitum the Cannon, Infernum the flamethrower (my personal favorite), and Crescendum. Don't bother trying to have all those memorized yet, it gets worse.

Aphelios Gameplay: Swapping Weapons and Ammo

Every time Aphelios swaps to a new weapon, it comes loaded with 50 moonlight, making him the third champion to include an ammo mechanic. Once drained, Aphelios will drop his main-hand weapon and swap it.

His ultimate, Moonlight Vigil, also differs depending on which weapon he has equipped, and has a variety of effects associated with it.

If you have access to PBE, hop on right now and try your hand at the Weapon of the Faithful.

Photos Courtesy of Riot Games