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Apparent Warzone Super Speed Hack Appears in Game

Photo by Activision

An apparent Call of Duty: Warzone super speed hack has garnered attention after a clip was posted on Reddit showcasing the exploit.

Warzone is no stranger to hacks and exploits ruining games. Aim-botting, seeing through walls and everything in between has been a major issue since its launch in March 2020. Fans are hopeful the new announcement of a PC anti-cheat system will bring change with the release of Vanguard, but that is a couple of months away.

A super-speed glitch posted on the Warzone subreddit garnered over 400 upvotes looking to seek clarification if this was a glitch or a hack.

Apparent Warzone Super Speed Hack Appears in Game

Reddit user feenmush posted a clip to Reddit titled: "Is this a new kind of cheat?" It's possible looking at it that it's just a server issue showcasing a player teleporting, but commenters on the post mentioned that it's a speed hack.

The player in the clip is outside the police station between the Superstore and airfield. After using the Buy Station, a player appears from around the corner. In what can only be described as a Tracer-like dash from Overwatch, the enemy dashes across the screen before knocking the player with a melee attack.

It's yet another annoying hack that hopefully doesn't become a major nuisance before the major anti-cheat update with Vanguard. A new map and a fresh anti-cheat system that does a good job and thwarting hackers would do wonders for Warzone's popularity.