Apparent Wattson Bug Nerfs Her Fences

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment & Electronic Arts

With Season 12, Apex Legends has seen some interesting changes to the pre-existing Legends when it comes to nerfing or buffing their abilities. As Legends like Crypto are seeing better days with a buff that affects his drones, others like Loba and Wattson have had an unexpected change in their abilities.

Wattson Bug Nerfs Her Fences

With Wattson’s Perimeter Security, players can still be damaged when passing by the barrier, as well as having their vision disturbed, but the stunned effect appears to have been nerfed.

As players pass through the electric fences, there is a noticeable lack of slowness in the motion of the camera, making players who were affected by the ability still able to aim and shoot at other players. As other glitches consist of her fences going inside of walls, or won’t even connect to other fences and nodes.

Because the stun isn’t as effective and the glitched out barrier has become problematic, players are looking to Respawn Entertainment to fix the issue, considering that Watson has always had trouble with bugs and glitches in the past that Respawn has tried to fix. This time Respawn needs to iron out this little change in order to make Wattson’s electric fences more usable.