ARC Raiders Closed Alpha: How to Get in


ARC Raiders is having a Closed Alpha test later this month after nearly two years of secrecy from Embark Studios. Despite being announced first, ARC Raiders remained in the background in favor of explosive game show FPS The Finals, which is currently having a Beta test of its own. Now that ARC Raiders is almost ready to play, here's how to secure your spot in the upcoming Alpha.

ARC Raiders has undergone some changes since it was first announced way back in 2021. First advertised as a co-op shooter set in a retrofuturistic machine apocalypse, the game has shifted gears and turned into a PvPvE extraction shooter like the upcoming Marathon. This means players will be shooting at each other as well as the giant robots that have taken over the Earth.

ARC Raiders Closed Alpha: How to Get in

As with The Finals, players can sign up to playtest ARC Raiders by going to the game's Steam page and registering with their account. When the playtest starts, the email associated with that account will receive an email confirming that they have been accepted. Then, a key for the game will either be in that email or the game will simply appear in their Steam account.

Some things to know, assuming the playtest is similar to The Finals:

  • Getting into the Alpha is random and continuous. Keys are not given out on first-come, first-serve basis, nor are they only given out at the beginning of the test. Be patient!
  • The Finals included a "playtest with a friend" feature that allowed players to invite up to two friends into the Beta with them. The Finals is based around three-person teams where ARC Raiders is an extraction shooter, so this may not be the same, but a similar system might still be in place.
  • Keys are sometimes given out by third parties, like SteelSeries. These are in limited supply and run out fast, so be sure to check for them early and often.

The Finals is already a huge success, with over thousands of players currently in the playtest, and ARC Raiders could shape up to be a similar hit. Players just have to wait a little longer before they can see for themselves.