Arcana Camille Skin: Splash Art, Price, Rarity, Release Date, How to Get

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games revealed the Arcane Camille skin April 27. It was one of four Arcana skins the developer previewed ahead of release that day — the others included Arcana looks for Lucian, Tahm Kench and Xerath. Here's everything you need to know about Arcana Camille.

Arcana Camille Splash Art

Arcana Camille splash art.
Arcana Camille splash art. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Arcana Camille has her looking her most imperious, sitting on a heavy marble throne and surrounded by Biblical imagery. A golden halo sprouts behind her head, tying in with the red and gold aesthetic of the skin and emphasizing the crown that floats above her black hair. A pomegranate, a frequent symbol of the forbidden fruit sits on the armrest of her throne as another tie to the Bible.

A stone face appears on each of her hips, one right-side-up, and the other upside-down. Her black cloak has stars trailing down her back.

Arcana Camille Price

Arcana Camille's in-game turnarounds.
Arcana Camille turnarounds. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games hasn't set a price point for Arcana Camille yet.

Arcana Camille Release Date

Arcana Camille will likely go live when League of Legends Patch 11.10 is released May 12.

How to Get Arcana Camille

Arcana Camille will be available to purchase from the League of Legends in-game store once Riot Games adds the skin to live servers.