Arcane: League of Legends Tops 38 Million Hours Watched

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games' Netflix show, Arcane, has reached a new milestone, hitting over 38 million hours watched. The Netflix show celebrated on Twitter its new accomplishment as fans have already begun to patiently wait for the second season.

Releasing on Netflix on Nov. 6, Arcane has been out for almost three weeks staying in the top ten in 87 different countries. Although the first season has come to an end, Arcane announced on Twitter that the second season is currently in the making.

Arcane follows the story of League of Legends most loved champions including sisters Vi and Jinx as well as Caitlyn and Jayce. Taking place in Piltover and Zaun, Arcane goes into the backstories of several League of Legends champions and dives into the history of arcane magic.

The show has also casted famous celebrities to voice act for the iconic League of Legends champions. Hailee Steinfeld (Vi), Katie Leung (Caitlyn) and Ella Purnell (Jinx) brought these champions to life and are expected to return in season two of Arcane. Voice actors for Jayce, Heimerdinger and Viktor are also expected to make a return.

Arcane also features intense, thematic music featuring popular artists such as Imagine Dragons, JID, Bea Miller, PVRIS, Sting and more. The production of Arcane has had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and the casting of popular actors and singers have strategically caught the attention of many viewers.

Long-time players of League of Legends as well as viewers who have not previously heard of the game have fallen in love with the Netflix show Arcane and are excited for the arrival of season two in the next few years.