Arcane Sheriff Valorant: How to Get

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Arcane has taken over the gaming and esports world over the last few days, and for good reason. Riot has made a compelling show, with some great cosmetic drops to go along with it. In multiple of their different IPs, Riot has added some items to celebrate Arcane coming out. In Valorant, this comes in the form of the Arcane Bundle, spearheaded of course by the very popular Arcane Sheriff.

Arcane Sheriff Valorant: How to Get

The Arcane Sheriff is attainable only one way, through Valorant Points. The in game currency will allow you to purchase the Arcane Bundle, which the Sheriff is a part of. Unfortunately, this is a bit of a unique entry into the cosmetic kingdom of Valorant, as the Sheriff is not alone purchasable. Players will have to buy the whole bundle to get access to it.

The bundle is one of the cheaper ones Valorant has seen at a price of 2,380 Valorant Points, but nonetheless it cannot be purchased on its own. The weapon is in the shop from Nov. 5-22, and will never come back to the game, as far as Riot has stated so far. This is player's only chance to get their hands on the exclusive weapon, so if they want to experience it for themselves in game, they should grab it from the store while it lasts.