Are EA Servers Down?: How to Tell if Services Aren't Working

Are EA servers down is a popular search request once players find out their favorite Electronic Arts games aren't able to be played.

Electronic Arts' servers, which facilitate popular games such as Apex Legends, FIFA 19, Battlefield V and more, can be affected by outages which make the online versions of said games unplayable.

Here's how to check if EA servers are down when experiencing connectivity issues.

Are EA Servers Down? How to Tell if Services Aren't Working

There are multiple sites and services you can use to check EA server status, both first and third party. The first and most reliable in a sense is the @EAHelp Twitter account. In conjunction with the server issues plaguing players on May 5, the Twitter account had posted awareness and updates regarding the outage. The EA Help website is another first party option, but as you can read from the tweet above, sometimes the outages even affect the help site.

Third party services such as IsThisServiceDown and DownDetector are helpful sites to see if outages are specifically being reported in your area or are a larger issue.

Be sure to also follow the Twitter accounts of the specific games because outages might not be game library wide but related to one game only.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts