Are League SBCs Coming to FIFA 23?

Fut_Scoreboard on Twitter

FIFA Ultimate Team fans are in a frenzy after a wave of community members sparked theories about League SBCs arriving soon FIFA 23.

League SBCs are a core component of Road to Glory players, otherwise known as those who don't spend money on FIFA Points throughout a game cycle. They've gone through multiple iterations over the years including special player rewards upon completion to most recently in FIFA 22 being strictly pack based. Most would argue that they have been continuously nerfed since FIFA 19. League SBC players could be submitted as fodder for other SBCs and then earned again by completing that league again.

Last year, multiple League SBC packs were made untradeable making it hard to make your coins back from recycling them. A major complaint, but still they remained a core way to gain fodder for other SBCs.

So, are they coming back in FIFA 23?

Are League SBCs Coming to FIFA 23?

Community member Fut_scoreboard on Twitter posted a new card design that's been added to the game's code. Fans immediately began to speculate that League SBCs are coming soon considering the purple card design is reminiscent to past League SBC player items.

Fut_scoreboard clarified on Twitter that this might not be the case. "Before you all scream 'League SBC' please note that this is a FIFA 22 card design. I have no idea of the reason why they add it."

Nepenthez is a big proprietor of the League SBC method and has been critical of EA's exclusion of them so far this game cycle. "I will believe in League SBC's when I see them in the game, and not a minute before."

So, as of now, there's still no confirmation League SBCs will return in FIFA 23. Card designs being added to the code is a great indication, but it's an old card design. It's interesting that there is a suspected FIFA 22 League SBC card design considering there were none released last year. Each time League SBCs were released and updated, they were always pack reward based. And, there was a different Premium SBC card design for items like End of an Era.

Also, EA Sports has shown no indication of using players once again as League rewards. Perhaps the developer opts to return to that format considering how relatively cheap fodder is on the transfer market at this point in the year.

Stay tuned as more information regarding League SBCs are announced.