Are Overwatch Accounts Cross Platform?

Are Overwatch accounts cross platform? Players wonder if they're able to switch between consoles and/or PC while maintaining their profiles.

Overwatch is the multiplayer team-based first-person shooter developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in May, 2016. With its 6-v-6 gameplay and colorful cast of characters, Overwatch has carved out an identity as the premier hero shooter.

Its most recent update saw the addition of the Workshop, a tool that allows players to experiment as game designers using Overwatch's framework.

Not present in an update, though, was the addition of cross-platform support.

Are Overwatch Accounts Cross Platform?

Overwatch accounts are currently not cross-platform. Player profiles are limited to the account on which they were played, be it PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Microsoft Windows.

Furthermore, cross-platform play is similarly unsupported.

Lead Overwatch game designer Jeff Kaplan spoke in late 2018 that the development team was still working on possible solutions.

Cover image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment