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Are Overwatch Placements Based on Wins?

Are Overwatch placements based on wins? That is a question everyone asks themselves after a new competitive season kicks off.

Each competitive Overwatch season starts with players completing 10 placement matches to determine their starting skill rating. It's a stressful time as players want to win as many as possible to get the best start possible.

But do wins affect where you place at the beginning of an Overwatch competitive season? Some think they do, other don't. Here's everything you need to know

Are Overwatch Placements Based on Wins? Figuring Out How They Work

Blizzard hasn't publicly stated how placement matches affect your overall skill rating at the start of a competitive season.

Multiple Blizzard forum posts tend to believe placement matches, depending on how many you win, lose or draw, takes into consideration your skill rating last season and a result is determined. Meaning, placing gold last season and then winning all 10 placements won't always, or ever, equate to a platinum placing.

Role queues, set to be introduced to Overwatch, will allow players to have multiple skill ratings for support, tank and damage heroes. It's a divisive topic that'll even affect the Overwatch League in Stage 4.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard