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Are There Multiple Endings in Resident Evil 8?

courtesy of Capcom

Resident Evil 8 is a game that has only one ending available as of now.

Resident Evil Village (REV) will definitely be recorded as one of the most popular games in 2021. Players have reported to finish the game shortly after the game was released, and countless game guides have been released. The recent announcement of its collaboration with Netflix has also been fuel to the excitement over the game.

The REV game has been highly noted due to its high quality storyline and gameplay. Players have been satisfied with what they have been given in terms of content. It is known that a new Game Plus mode was released where players can unlock weapons.

What Resident Evil fans are waiting for now is a DLC. An announcement has been yet to come. Yet considering that Resident Evil 7 had two DLC packs, we can only hope that it will be the same for REV.

Are There Multiple Endings in Resident Evil 8?

In the DLC, players are hoping that there will be a hidden ending that comes with it.

Rose in Resident Evil Village Epilogue
Rose in Resident Evil Village Epilogue / courtesy of Capcom

Spoiler alert: if you have finished the game you will know that there is only one ending in REV containing Ethan's sacrifice and an epilogue of Rose as a teenager.

As being a story-driven single player game, a REV DLC would have great potential to floruish the game quality by expanding on the story or having a second/hidden ending. As of now, we can do nothing but wait.