Are Titans Coming to Apex Legends?

Are Titans coming to Apex Legends?
Are Titans coming to Apex Legends? / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Are Titans from Apex Legends' sister franchise Titanfall coming to Apex Legends itself? It's a question people have been asking since Apex first launched two years ago.

Are Titans Coming to Apex Legends?

As of now, it does not appear that Titans will be coming to Apex Legends anytime soon. Although data mined voice lines were leaked around launch that seemed to suggest Titans were coming to the game, it's now more likely that it was just leftovers for scarped content. Some players were hoping that Titans could come in the game as a sort of miniboss in the map that attacker players and dropped loot when killed, while others hoped Titans could return as a vehicle players could use, similar to Fortnite's mechs.

Will Titans Ever Come to Apex Legends

It's not in development, but it can be argued there's a decent chance they'll come in the future. If Respawn ever decides to make Titanfall 3, it's almost guaranteed there will be a tie-in event with Apex Legends, as both games do take place in the same universe. Perhaps then, Titans can make a possible appearance in Apex Legends, even if it is just a small role or easter egg. For now, however, players shouldn't' count on it coming anytime soon.