Arenas Rumored to Leave Apex Legends in Season 16

"Respawn is going to remove Arenas in Season 16 and potentially replace it with another mode."
"Respawn is going to remove Arenas in Season 16 and potentially replace it with another mode." / Respawn Entertainment

It appears the Arenas game mode could be leaving Apex Legends for good in Season 16.

In recent days, numerous prominent Apex leakers, such as Thordan Smash and Grrt, have released statements or videos sharing the apparent news. In its place, it appears some other previously released modes could eventually be added permanently.

As explained by both Thordan Smash and Grrt in each of their respective videos, this move might not come off as much of a surprise to many in the community due to its recent trajectory.

Arenas first made its debut as a permanent mode with the launch of Season 9: Legacy in May 2021. Despite having a total of six unique maps specially designed for the mode since its initial launch, however, a new offering hasn't been released in nearly eight months even though there have seemingly been leaks of several new ones that were close to being done.

According to Apex Legends Status, 63% of players still have never finished their placement matches in Ranked Arenas.

Additionally, as has been pointed out on Reddit numerous times recently, it just seems Respawn has given up on refining the mode with balancing updates.

According to both Thordan Smash and Grrt, it seems the long-beloved Control mode, or even a rotating LTM playlist, could be in the mix to replace Arenas — albeit this rumor doesn't appear to be as concrete as the one suggesting Arenas will be gone once Season 16 launches.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see if these leaks hold true and Respawn gives players any sort of heads up in advance considering Season 16 is not too far away.