Armored Core 6 BALTEUS Boss Guide: How to Beat First Boss

Bandai Namco / FromSoftware

Armored Core 6's BALTEUS boss fight is one of the first true skill-checks in the game. The Chapter 1 final boss has been giving players trouble adding to the perception of this game being "Armored Souls."

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon launched Aug. 25 after a near 10-year hiatus between series entries with Verdict Day. The action-mecha game has received favorable praise from players early on thanks to high-octane gameplay, thrilling battles, deep customization and more. FromSoftware seems to have yet another success on its hands.

Though, the first major boss BALTEUS has been giving players a ton of trouble. It is FromSoftware after all, and some players might not have been expecting this level of difficulty early on. Having some Souls experience will aid players.

Here's a helpful guide for taking down BALTEUS in AC6.

Armored Core 6 BALTEUS Boss Guide: How to Beat

This is your most valuable weapon when battling BALTEUS. Players should use the Pulse Gun to take down BALTEUS's shield and then get in for a melee attack. The Pulse Gun is the best weapon for taking down the shield. What it lacks in range, the Pulse Gun makes up for in its ability to melt shields. Once the shield is down, players can build toward the newly introduced stagger bar.

Players should save to dump most of their damage when the shield is down. Do this as often as required while dodging the honing missile attack. It's a frightful sight when BALTEUS shoots the wide array of missiles and players take a ton of damage if they're hit by a chunk. Save boosting for when the missiles get close to avoid crippling damage.

At around 50% health, BALTEUS will set off a large EMP blast that deals big damage. Make sure you get out of range when this happens. As well, BALTEUS introduces flame attacks. Just another mechanic to keep an eye on when progressing to this part of the fight. Rinse and repeat while dodging other attacks to take down BALTEUS.