Artful Replacement Diablo Immortal: How to Solve Shadow Contract

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo Immortal's "Artful Replacement" shadow contract is causing gamers trouble. Here's why.

As Diablo players know, Shadow Contracts are like side-quests available to players part of the Shadow Faction, and are given out by Bartender Bailey. Based on WOWHEAD's description, they "are often more complex with multiple steps and can require you to visit multiple zones or complete dungeons."

The problem with the Artful Replacement contract, is that players aren't clear on where to go to complete it. According to a bug report on Blizzard's Diablo Forum, a user identified only as "Kaurin" explains that "This sidequest doesn’t have a map marker. Re-selecting the quest gives: 'Open your map to see the locations of your objectives,' But there is nothing on the map, or the minimap."

Artful Replacement Diablo Immortal: How to Solve Shadow Contract

Luckily for readers of this article, Reddit user u/Froolie posted this map to the Diablo Immortal Reddit community yesterday. It should be helpful in solving the contract.

Image Courtesy of u/Froolie

If that's not enough, check out the full walk-through by Iczel Gaming below. They show us exactly how it's done in their YouTube video published last week.