Artist Creates Demonic Hanzo and Angelic Genji Skin Concepts

These fan-designed skins are outstanding.
These fan-designed skins are outstanding. / Courtesy of DeiX/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch's officially released skins frequently dazzle, but the freedom afforded fan skins often opens them up to the most creative concepts. With so creative a community of fans, it's only natural Overwatch would inspire some particularly impressive designs.

A pair of designs by artist DeiX, posted to the Overwatch subreddit Wednesday by u/Jackice1714, exemplifies that kind of freedom. The designs, originally created for Hanzo and Genji's Heroes of the Storm iterations, cast the two brothers as fighters on opposite sides of the heaven and hell divide.

Demonic Hanzo
Demonic Hanzo / Courtesy of DeiX/Blizzard Entertainment

Hanzo's skin turns him into a demon, his skin gray, his hair aflame, and his clothing replace by red and black, skull-covered armor. Even his bow leans into this aesthetic, swapping in black metal or rock for the traditional wood.

Angelic Genji
Angelic Genji / Courtesy of DeiX/Blizzard Entertainment

Genji, on the other hand, becomes a kind of holy knight. He wears the armor of a high fantasy knight, white chased with gold and offset with blue gems. Long blue hair flows out from the back of his helmet, and his sword glows blue. The design recalls the classic Blizzard character Tyrael.

DeiX also modeled the animations for each hero's abilities in Heroes of the Storm, creating a full aesthetic profile for both skins.