Assassination Rogue Shadowlands Best Legendary

Sinfall, the Venthru Covenant Sanctum
Sinfall, the Venthru Covenant Sanctum / Activision Blizzard

Assassination Rogue in Shadowlands has a very specific legendary for the end game depending on the covenant. Assassination as a spec has been doing great in Shadowlands, so make sure you are equipped with the best gear.

Assassination Rogue Shadowlands Best Legendary

Assassination's legendries falls into the category of being Covenant specific. If you are a Rogue that dedicated themselves to the Venthyr, Obedience is the strongest legendary, greatly buffing your Flagellation spell from the Venthyr Covenant.

If you are any of the other three Covenants, Obedience is not an option seeing as you won't have access to Flagellation.

Zoldyck Insignia is a fantastic choice in just about any situation, and particularly good for giving the Rogue a higher burst window due to the execute nature of Zoldyck Insignia.

According to different sims of fights, Doomblade does indeed perform better than Zoldyck Insignia in pure single-target, but Zoldyck remains a great option.

Mark of the Master Assassin is also a fun choice if you want to be that much more burstier when coming out of stealth.