Astral Puzzle Guide for Genshin Impact

Courtesy of Cognosphere and miHoYo

The release of Genshin Impact's Astral Puzzles has left many players stumped on how to complete them. This guide will give players a general overview of how to complete the Astral Puzzles.

The Astral Puzzles in Genshin Impact are part of the Ancient Azure Stars Quest. The puzzles revolve around Star Constellations, as players rotate nodes on the floor to replicate the corresponding constellations as they appear on the ceiling.

Astral Puzzle Guide for Genshin Impact

I'll give written descriptions of solving each puzzle, but if you'd like a visual guide, you can follow the video created by WoW Quests shown below.

The first constellation you have to recreate contains a main triangle in the center you should create first. Once that's done, add the two lines connected to the base endpoints of the triangle a the vertical line through the top of the triangle.

The second constellation has everything contained within a large triangle, so again, create that first. All that's left after that is the horizontal line contained within the large triangle located near the top.

The third constellation is definitely trickier than the first two. The best way to solve this puzzle is to think of it as having two central points that lie vertically to each other. Point each node towards the center node closest to them and then point the two central nodes toward eachother.

The final constellation has two halves separated by a central point. The top half simply has every node pointing towards the central node. The bottom half forms what looks like a house, so connect each of those nodes one after another to create the final shape.