Astro World Fortnite: Travis Scott's In-Game Concert Location Possibly Found

Travis Scott is coming to Fortnite in a live-concert event to be announced
Travis Scott is coming to Fortnite in a live-concert event to be announced /

The Astro World Fortnite: Travis Scott Concert could be tied to a meteor found floating in the sky in-game. Accompanying posters also litter various areas around the map teasing the collaboration, live in-game concert, global event, and expansion of the Fortnite Icons series which already touts collaborations with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and J-pop star and phenom, Elly.

Various teases and in-game hints were dropped by Fortnite: Battle Royale developers Epic Games, and included a decyphered audio file and in-game files that included La Flame’s stage name buried in lines of code. This discovery initially was thought to rumor some type of in-game skin, but the reality has proven to be much more epic in scale.

Astro World Fortnite: Travis Scott Concert Could be Tied to a Meteor

Now no longer a rumor but a confirmed live, worldwide event, the collaboration and live concert will take place at the Sweaty Sands beach location on the map. While there are still no details yet on the date, start time, or how the concert will be structured (Scott’s famous auto-tune, live vocals, stage logistics,) there is no doubt that not only fans of Fortnite, but all Scott & Hip-hop fans will be tempted to download the client and log-in to witness the festivities themselves.

Leading up to the event, players have been trying their hardest to get any additional information regarding the event, including attempting to reach - via glitches - the actual Astro World meteor - named after the third feature-length album from Travis Scott, and now-defunct Houston, TX-based amusement park, Astroworld.

One logistical element that is yet to be seen will be regarding how Epic Games will handle individuals who are on the map strictly for the concert, and the online trolls who inevitably would want to kill them in-game. Epic could implement some type of temporary invincibility for onlookers to avoid this, but any news on this sort of information has yet to be seen.

With some individuals rumoring that the concert may take place next week, on or around May 1-3, it could be plausible that the event may happen on April 30, which just so happens to be Travis Scott’s birthday. As of now there is no official date set or made public regarding the concert. More news and information regarding the Travis Scott x Fortnite event will be available in the next few days.

UPDATE (12:16 p.m. ET April 20): Epic Games announced Monday that Astroworld will be the name of Travis Scott's concert in Fortnite, and it will take place April 23 through 25 at various times.