Astronaut Ivern Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

The Astronaut skin line is making a return to League of Legends soon, as there have been five new skins announced for it this morning.

One of the skins will be given to Ivern, who has not received a new one since late 2020. This was a great choice due to the long time between skins for him.

Here is all the information you need to know about Astronaut Ivern:

Astronaut Ivern Skin Splash Art

There is not an official splash art for Astronaut Ivern, but it should be released soon. Once it is available, this article will be updated with the splash art.

Astronaut Ivern Skin Price

The Astronaut Ivern skin price is currently unknown, but players can expect it to cost 1,350 RP based on previous skin pricing within the game. Once the official price is listed, this article will be updated with it.

Astronaut Ivern Skin Release Date

There is not an official release date for Astronaut Ivern, but it will likely be released when Patch 13.4 comes out. Since Patch 13.3 releases today, Patch 13.4 and the Astronaut skins should be available in a couple weeks.

Astronaut Ivern Skin How to Get

The best way to acquire the Astronaut Ivern skin is to purchase it directly for the League of Legends store. Players can try their luck with opening chests after the skin releases, but this will be more inefficient than just buying it from the store.