Astronaut Kennen Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

The return of the League of Legends Astronaut skin line is here, and there will be five champions added to it.

Here are the five champions receiving an Astronaut skin: Ivern, Fizz, Kennen, Xerath, and Singed.
This will add to the seven other characters that have already received an Astronaut skin.

With Kennen receiving his newest skin nearly three years after his latest one, it is important for players to know all the information about how and when to get it.

Astronaut Kennen Skin Splash Art

The Astronaut Kennen splash art has not been released to the public yet, but this article will be updated once Riot Games releases it.

Astronaut Kennen Skin Price

Astronaut Kennen will likely cost 1,350 RP, as that would match a majority of previous skin releases within the game. It is unknown what the official price will be, but this will be updated once that information is confirmed.

Astronaut Kennen Skin Release Date

The release date for the new Astronaut Kennen skin should be alongside Patch 13,4, as new skins usually get released one patch after they are announced. With Patch 13.3 dropping today, the new Kennen skin should be available in a couple weeks.

Astronaut Kennen Skin How to Get

The surefire way to acquire the Astronaut Kennen skin is to buy it directly from the shop at full price when it releases. Players can try to luckily find it via chests upon release, but that can cost the player more money than buying it directly.