Call of Duty

Atlanta FaZe Issues Apology for 'Misguided' Tweet

Image courtesy of Atlanta FaZe

The Atlanta Faze, FaZe Clan's Call of Duty League team, issued an official apology Thursday for a tweet that members of the community deemed misogynistic.

The tweet, published Tuesday, featured members of the team depicted using a filter that made them look female, alongside the caption "How many drinks to take them home?"

This understandably got some blowback from followers online, given the historically notable presence of misogyny in gaming culture as a whole, not to mention specifically lobbies in games like Call of Duty.

Team Liquid co-CEO Steve "LiQuiD112" Arhancet called the tweet "absolutely disgusting."

"More faze bro crap," he tweeted Thursday.

In its apologize, the Atlanta FaZe acknowledged the longstanding trend of misogyny in gaming.

"We understand there is no room for misogynistic or harassing behavior and that women and the Call of Duty community deserve better," the team wrote. It went on to say the matter had been addressed internally.

This is the latest in a long line of recent scandals FaZe Clan has dealt with. Just this week it dropped a member of its Fortnite pro roster for using a racial slur on stream. Fans are understandably growing frustrated with the perceived lack of professionalism and ability for members of FaZe to act within a rather basic frame of acceptable behavior. One fan commented on the apology post calling on Atlanta FaZe to "do better" and questioning the reasoning behind the post even entering the drafts.

Still, many replies to the apology post illustrate the long way gaming culture has to come, with numerous users commenting that they saw no big deal with the post, and that anyone who did was overly sensitive.