Atlus Rep Says Persona 5 on Switch Won't Happen Unless Fans Keep Asking For It

Persona 5 could make its way to the Nintendo Switch
Persona 5 could make its way to the Nintendo Switch / Courtesy of Atlus

Persona 5 still seems a possibility for the Nintendo Switch, but it apparently won't happen unless Atlus hears the fan support for a port, IGN reported Monday.

Atlus Communications Manager Ari Advincula told IGN during a Persona 5 Royal preview event that the publisher needs to hear from fans just how much Persona 5 for Switch is wanted in order for it to happen.

"You want what you want,” Advincula said, “and if you don't let us know it we’re never going to be able to make it.”

While Advincula admittedly is not an internal "decision-maker" at Atlus and this isn't solid news that a port will happen anytime soon, she did express that Atlus does hear player feedback.

Indeed, Atlus showed that it does respond to player feedback in the form of changes to what some condemned as homophobic content in Persona 5 Royal. Although, the company also came under scrutiny for transphobic content in its games Catherine and Catherine: Full Body, for which its attempts to modify offending content in the localization process were judged less generously by the LGBTQ gaming community.

Persona 5 is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.