Avengers: Endgame Mode Gives Overwatch Players the Power of the Infinity Stones

Avengers: Endgame has come to life in the Overwatch Workshop thanks to a Reddit user showcasing their custom game mode.

The Overwatch Workshop went live last week, giving players the ability to create their own unique Overwatch custom game modes with unlimited creativity. U/Kaiomm on the Overwatch Reddit posted their Infinity Stones deathmatch mode.

It works like any other deathmatch mode, but the added twist of the Infinity Stones ups the difficulty and enhances the experience.

The objective still remains to kill enemies, but if a player collects all six Infinity Stones and holds them for 30 consecutive seconds, the game will end -- a recreation of Thaons' famous snap.

Holding an Infinity Stone grants a unique stat boost. Here's what each Stone will grant:

  • Time Stone: Increased Movement Speed
  • Soul Stone: Grants Life Regeneration
  • Power Stone: Increased Damage
  • Mind Stone: Grants Damage Reduction
  • Space Stone: Reduces Player Gravity
  • Reality Stone: Deals AoE Damage to Surrounding Enemies

Each passive bonus stacks meaning the more stones, the stronger the opponent. If one kills an enemy with multiple stones, that player gets one of the enemy's stones while the rest are scattered across the map.

Once a player has all six, their position is revealed to everyone in game making them a target. Good luck collecting and holding all six for 30 seconds.

Players can try the Avengers: Endgame themed mode with the code PJTY1.