Avowed is Nearly Playable, According to New Report

Image courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment

According to a report, Obsidian's Avowed is nearing its playable alpha stage.

The report comes via Windows Central, detailing that Obsidian's next RPG, Avowed, is moving through its pre-production stage and into playable alpha. This comes as exciting news for the many who have been anticipating the studio's next venture. For a while, details about the upcoming game have been few and far between. Other than a reveal trailer and its planned Xbox exclusivity, players have mostly been kept in the dark.

Thanks to this new report, fans are finally able to get a better understanding for what the game might entail. Aside from being a new fantasy RPG, it seems that Avowed will be taking some of its cues from Skyrim. The game is apparently set to feature a mulitple playable "classes" as well as the option for two-handed combat, bows, and even dual-wielding spells.

The report claims that weapon enchantments will be a feature within the game, allowing for frozen arrows and enchanted swords as examples. As for the world itself, the report discusses Avowed to be a more colorful game compared to the likes of The Elder Scrolls. While the original reveal trailer seems to portray a darker tone, the world of Avowed seems set to feature diverse environments. Luminous caves and giant flora slated as only the beginning of what player might come to see.

Windows Central ends the report by saying that they "feel like there's a good chance we'll see Avowed in a playable state by E3 2022" given the level of content they claimed to have seen. They go on to say that there's even a chance for a glimpse at The Game Awards later this year, alongside another Xbox exclusive in Hellblade 2.

While this is the first hint at what Avowed is shaping up to be, players will no doubt be eagerly awaiting official details. Hopefully, these claims will stand true and we'll be getting a deeper look at the world of Avowed next year.