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Avowed Release Included in Nvidia Leak

Image courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment

A listing for Avowed was included as part of the recent Nvidia leaks, but what does this mean for its release?

Avowed, the next epic RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, was listed as part of the recent Nvidia database leak. The leak contained a list of several unannounced video games and PC ports, many of which were for some highly anticipated titles. While the validity of some of these listings is still up in the air, Nvidia has come out and said that many of the titles are "speculative" and may not be fully accurate.

Similarly, some studios have already clarified that the list isn't accurate. A listing for Halo 5: Guardians coming to PC was recently debunked by community director Brian Jarrard. Despite this, some listings have been truthful; remakes for GTAIII, San Andreas, and Vice City were all named in the list and have been confirmed by Rockstar to be in development.

Avowed Release Included in Nvidia Leak

As for Avowed, not much has been revealed beyond the Xbox Games Showcase announcement trailer back in 2020. Players were treated to some early gameplay footage and cinematics but very little else. The inclusion of Avowed in these recent leaks has indeed instilled some hope in fans that more information could be on the way soon. Of course, until confirmation has come from Obsidian themselves, we're all just left to speculate.

Avowed isn't the only RPG Obsidian has in the works at the moment. The Outer Worlds 2 has also been confirmed to be in development. No release date has been announced for either game just yet but both will be launching exclusive to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and Windows 10 PCs.