Aydan Breaks Solo vs Squads Warzone World Record

Aydan Breaks World Record in Call of Duty Warzone
Aydan Breaks World Record in Call of Duty Warzone / Photo Courtesy of Activision

Records are meant to be broken, and professional battle royale player Aydan did just that on stream Thursday, Nov. 19. Aydan was attempting the infamous Solo vs Squads challenge. The challenge is simple, queue Squads in Warzone. However, select "Don't Fill" so when you enter the game, you are a squad of one. Step two of the challenge is to rack up as many kills in one round as you can, while still winning the round.

The previous record for this challenge was 57 kills in one round. No small feat considering one round of Warzone includes up to 150 players. Aydan however, had a pop-off round. Aydan stacked 59 kills before clutching a 1v1 against a juggernaut to win himself the round. Aydan's final kill count for the round was 60, making him the new record holder for most kills in one Solo vs Squads round.

Aydan is no stranger to the battle royale genre. Aydan was considered to be one of the worlds best Fortnite players, and was a member of the Ghost Gaming Fortnite roster. Aydan was also a participant in the Fortnite World Cup back in July of 2019.

With this new record under his belt, there's no doubting Aydan's skills.