Aydan Leaves CoD, Plans to Play Apex

Photo by New York Subliners

Aydan 'Aydan' Conrad tweeted on Dec. 29 that he will no longer be playing Call of Duty Warzone and will be making the switch to Apex Legends.

Aydan Leaves CoD, Plans to Play Apex

Aydan expressed on his streams and on his Twitter that he will not be returning to Warzone until there are changes made to the game, saying "that game sucks and needs some changing before I hop on again."

Aydan has experienced problems in the game like others including a pay-to-win invisible skin, and other in-game bugs.

Aydan said that playing Apex Legends was refreshing to him but he's previously thought of quitting Warzone earlier this month, tweeting "I'm embarrassed to be a CoD player right now...Part of me wants to stop playing until the game is fixed, but idk."

The streamer also tweeted afterwards, "When do Fortnite tournaments or Cash Cups start? Would love to get involved again." Hinting his departure in Warzone and a return to Fortnite.

In addition, the streamer said that if it weren't for Apex Legend's ranked mode, he wouldn't be playing the game. In a stream he said, "If there was no ranked mode in this game, I couldn't play it"

The 22-year-old has earned $300,000 from playing Warzone and it's hard to say if Aydan will ever go back into playing Warzone, and perhaps if the game did make those changes, fans will see him streaming Warzone again.

Currently, Aydan is playing Apex in his streams in an attempt to reach a Platinum Rank and has done eight-hour streams playing Apex Legends.