Aydan's 'No Recoil' Mac-10 Warzone Class Dominates Meta

Photo Courtesy of Activision

The Mac-10 has come to dominate Warzone since the game’s introduction of Black Ops’ weapons, but top player Aydan “Aydan” Conrad has discovered a strategy to keep it at the top. First off, to list Aydan’s accomplishments he is the second-highest cash prize earner in Warzone history, having racked in over $100,000 in winnings. Suffice to say, he has the credentials to advocate for this new class setup.

Aydan's Mac-10 Warzone Loadout

Onto the Mac-10 itself. By itself, the weapon is fearsome due to its insane rate of fire and mobility, but players have been experimenting to discover the optimal loadout for the SMG. After just one month, it looks like Aydan may have finally cracked it. Here’s a quick breakdown of what his MAC-10 looks like.

Mac-10 Loadout

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor

Barrel: 5.9” Task Force

Stock: None

Ammunition: STANAG 53 Rnd Drum

Rear Grip: Serpent Wrap

Part of what makes the Mac-10 so strong is how little recoil it already comes loaded with. So a player without any attachments could be fine operating with just a basic Mac-10. However, there is the added opportunity to reduce that little recoil even further with the attachments listed above. The only real weakness of the Mac-10 is how little ammo it has per magazine, the STANAG 53 Rnd Drum attachment fixes this instantly. Increasing the magazine size to the point where it shouldn’t ever be a problem again.

In a recent video posted by Aydan, he stated in regards to the Mac-10 that “the gun is not tuned right.” This is a sentiment echoed largely by the Warzone and Black Ops community at this point, though whether or not the developers will take any action to nerf the gun is unconfirmed. Using the class specified above, Aydan is able to pick up 35 kills in a single match which is impressive, even for a professional Call of Duty player that is par for the course.