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Back 4 Blood Best Weapons Guide

"Choose from eight customizable and unique Cleaners and a range of lethal weapons and items."
"Choose from eight customizable and unique Cleaners and a range of lethal weapons and items." / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios

Back in August during the upcoming title's open beta, one of the main draws to Back 4 Blood was its robust weapon arsenal and upgrade system.

With the new zombie shooter's official release just days away, here's a breakdown of the best weapons for the Cleaners to use in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Best Weapons Guide


  • M1911: Great semi-auto pistol to use thanks to it using light ammo, and having clean sights, straightforward recoil and decent damage.
  • Desert Eagle: Does a lot of damage and very good to use against special Ridden. Uses Sniper ammo.
  • TEC-9: Fantastic sidearm as it's a full-auto pistol with really easy-to-control recoil.

Submachine Guns

  • Vector: The clear winner — and best SMG to recommend — in the class thanks to its non-existent recoil and amazing rate of fire.


  • Super 90: Good rate of fire, reload speed, an overall easy shotgun to recommend.

Assault Rifles

  • AK47: Fantastic primary weapon as it has much better recoil than the Scar with similar damage, as well as a solid reload speed.
  • M4 Carbine: Sacrificing a bit of damage for no recoil, the M4 Carbine is going to be a go-to option for a wide range of players.

Semi-Automatic & Sniper Rifles

  • M1A: Potentially the best gun in the game, along with the two aforementioned ARs, as it has massive damage, uses sniper ammo, has good rate of fire, and is super accurate. Great for pinpointing special Ridden weak spots.

Light Machine Guns

  • M249: Although the reload speed is painfully slow, as to be expected, the recoil isn't bad at all, and is a great gun to shred hordes.

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