Back 4 Blood Difficulty Levels Explained

Photo by Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood has been taking horror games to the next level for the past month and its' momentum does not seem to be stopping.

With many ways to play, Back 4 Blood allows you to explore many avenues when playing.

Back 4 Blood Difficulty Levels Explained

In the tweet above, Back4Blood was nominated for Golden Joystick Award for Best Multiplayer Game of the Year.

Back 4 Blood offers three different Difficulty levels to choose from when starting the campaign.

Here are the three difficulty levels and what lies ahead of you for each selection:


  • Corruption Card Pool: Limited
  • Friendly Fire: Disabled
  • -50% Supply Points awarded to players


  • Corruption Card Pool: Average
  • Friendly Fire: causes 35% damage to allies
  • Average Level of Supply Points earned


  • Corruption Card Pool: Maximum
  • Friendly Fire: causes 60% damage to allies
  • +50% Supply Points awarded to players

In order to get used to the game, the best option might be to go through the recruit option in order to unlock important Cards and characters before taking the next step and trying out the harder difficulties that are offered.

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